Screencap via YouTube

The NHL got a new mascot on Wednesday night, thanks to the crow that took over the Levi Stadium build camera.

By Darian Somers
February 19, 2015

Ah yes, the great outdoors. 

Where the great game of hockey was created, and then turned into a money making machine. And yes, mother nature’s critters have found their way to the NHL’s outdoor scene too, including this rather curious crow. 

Let’s break down the crow’s appearance on the NHL’s webcast of the Stadium Series build at Levi’s Stadium, the home of the 49ers. 

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:01-:03 We meet the feathered friend, who comes strutting in, like a crow who just finished chilling at the local telephone pole. 

:03 Crow meets camera. Crow looks at camera, confused as all get out.

:04-:08 The music begins to build as the epic showdown with the crow and camera begins. The crow looks at its new nemesis, eyeing it up like a sommelier studying 1954 red from the local California vineyards. 

:09-:12 The crow makes his first attack. What we can only assume is a long screeching sound assault on the camera, but the music plays on, and the camera continues its incredibly unexciting view of watching a hockey rink get built in a city not known for hockey. 

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:13-:17 The crow is confused, like a seagull trying to figure out a Cheeto. It’s like it’s a foreign language at this point.

:18-19 We get a second screech from our new friend, Mr. Crow. 

:20 Crow meet camera swivel. A slight movement seems to put the crow on edge. 

:21-:23 Crow flies away faster than Patrick Kane’s hands move on a shootout attempt.  The triumph music plays on and the camera -- and everyone else -- wins. 

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