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Moms get revenge on Stars' Tyler Seguin, Jamie Benn in funny video

Dallas Stars forwards Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn were revenge pranked by their moms in a funny video for TSN.

Last Valentine’s Day, Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn of the Dallas Stars staged an elaborate prank for TSN, convincing their moms that they had proposed to their girlfriends and were getting married.

Funny stuff. But you know how it is with pranks. Once the shenanigans get started, there has to be an escalated response.

So for Mother’s Day, Heather Benn and Jackie Seguin returned the favor. Spurred on by TSN’s Cabbie Richards, their plot involved telling their sons they were enrolling in a sports management program in Dallas. The opening hook was a request to move in to their swinging bachelor pads for a year. And then they took it one step further.

Much hilarity ensues.

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It’s a good reminder not to mess with mom. And don’t forget to call her on Sunday, alright?