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Discovery's Twitter account was quick to point out that the Pittsburgh Penguins were eliminated from the playoffs.

By SI Wire
May 14, 2015

Professional sports teams' Twitter accounts have grown highly entertaining over the past few years. And as each team's social media departments are beginning to think, tweet and post more and more outside of the box, team Twitter accounts have provided a unique form of entertainment for sports fans of late. 

Enter the Discovery Twitter account. The channel simply tweeted a fun fact about emperor penguins on late Wednesday afternoon, stating the animal's average height is 3.8 feet tall. Pittsburgh's responded to the Tweet, lobbing a fastball right down the middle of the plate which Discovery belted right out of the park. 

Of course weeks ago, the New York Rangers ousted the Penguins from the 2015 NHL Playoffs with a 4-1 series win in the Eastern Conference first round.

The Penguins' lone postseason victory came when Pittsburgh stole Game 2 from the Rangers, 4-3, at Madison Square Garden. The Penguins lost the final three games of the series all by the score of 2-1. Games 4 and 5 were decided in overtime. 

- Jake Fischer

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