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Watch: An exhibition hockey match between Sparta Praha and Adler Mannheim got a bit testy.

By Allan Muir
August 17, 2015

The second season of the Champions Hockey League—a 48-team tournament that involves clubs from 12 European countries—doesn’t begin until later this week, but there has already been a fireworks display.

Unlike MLB, the NHL stamped out bench-clearing brawls

An exhibition match over the weekend between Sparta Praha of the Czech Republic and German side Adler Mannheim got a bit testy, with one scrum turning into a multi-player fracas after a face-off. Former Hershey Bear Michal Čajkovsky (65) took on just about everyone in a white jersey, but his best tilt came against Danny Richmond, the former Blackhawk and Hurricane who went toe-to-toe despite giving up three inches and 20 pounds.

Not sure what sparked the donnybrook, but judging from the soft work by the linesmen charged with keeping order here it probably was a matter of Čajkovsky looking to take the law into his own hands.

Nice go, boys.

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