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The group behind the Pickup Hockey Stereotypes video is back with a jaw-dropping compilation called Hockey Trick Shots: Summer Edition.

By Allan Muir
September 03, 2015

You know how it is with off-season training. You can only do so many squats or fire so many pucks at the open door of the dryer before you’re bored to tears by another day of the same ol’ same ol’.

Sometimes you just gotta trick it up. You know, like attaching the dryer to the back of a moving motorcycle and then trying bury the biscuit while it flies by at 20 MPH.

At least, that’s how the Sweet Spot Squad kept things fresh. The group behind the excellent Pickup Hockey Stereotypes video, is back with a jaw-dropping compilation they call Hockey Trick Shots: Summer Edition. Basically, it’s Dude Perfect for the beer-league set, a batch of stick and puck wizardry that’ll leave you wondering how they even thought of these bits, let alone pulled them off.

Our favorites? The Lighthouse Drop Shot, The Glove Save on Water Skis, and yeah, the Moving Dryer. Let’s see Sidney Crosby do that one!

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