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The new alternate jerseys for the Anaheim Ducks and Colorado Avalanche were accidentally leaked by the NHL.

By Allan Muir
September 08, 2015

Someone over at the NHL is probably wishing they’d taken Labor Day off.

Instead, they showed up for work on Monday and inadvertently revealed the highly anticipated third jerseys for the Anaheim Ducks and Colorado Avalanche weeks ahead of their official release.

The images were quickly removed from the league’s international online store, but not before they were captured for posterity:

Report: New York Islanders get new logo, alternate jersey

The designs won’t surprise anyone who’s been paying attention, though, as the final versions mirror the leaks that have popped up on jersey design sites over the summer. Anaheim’s new alternate returns to the orange appeal of the Stadium Series specials worn last winter but features the vintage Mighty Ducks logo. The Avalanche dumped their lame wordmark thirds for a more old-school look. The logo leans on the state’s flag for inspiration while also paying tribute to the old Colorado Rockies. The color scheme uses a navy blue base with burgundy on the sleeves and a white highlight on the shoulders.

Just as interesting as what the snafu revealed is what it didn’t: the expected black-and-white alternates set to be worn by the Islanders in their debut season in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

The way things are going over at NHLI, though, it’s just a matter of time.

GALLERY: Bizarre NHL Third Jerseys

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