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Game On! Minnesota skewers overbearing hockey parents with Hockey Helper Helmet parody video.

By Allan Muir
October 15, 2015

When parody is on the mark it’s a punch in the gut, ain’t it?

The geniuses at Game On! Minnesota, an organization that supports “unstructured play in the hockey state,” really hit the mark with this video short aimed at overbearing hockey parents who dream of exercising greater in-game control over their future superstars.

The “solution” is the Hockey Helper Helmet, with the “patented head-hugger intercom system” that promises “no more waiting for the car ride home to tell [your kid] what they could have done better.”

It’s a painfully funny reminder that a parent really only needs to ask their player two questions after a game: “Did you have fun?” and “How’d you like to stop somewhere for a snack?”



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