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A new Quebec McDonald's ad asks Canadiens fans what they'd be willing to do for a Big Mac, like hug Zdeno Chara.

By Allan Muir
March 07, 2016

Everyone loves a free meal...but would you sell your hockey soul for a hamburger?

That's the gist of a new Quebec McDonald's ad in which Canadiens fans are asked what they'd be willing to do in exchange for a Big Mac.

One offers a sad little dance. A few others drop down and count off some pushups.

Then comes the kicker: The presenter asks a price that no self-respecting Habs fan should willingly pay: Would they give a hug to Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara?

They all laugh off the request ... until Big Z walks around the corner. Awkwardness ensues.

This Bruins-Habs rivalry has been fertile ground for Mickey D's. Last year the burger chain flew Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty to Boston to promote its new Max 67 burger.

Hey, think maybe they can send P.K. Subban to Beantown next season?

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