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Twitter is hyped about Auston Matthews’s four-goal debut

Auston Matthews’s record debut did not go unnoticed.

Auston Matthews’s record four-goal debut did not go unnoticed, particularly not on Twitter, where players, fans, media and the like were fawning over the stellar Maple Leafs rookie.

Matthews, just 19 years old, singlehandedly led the scoring for Toronto against Ottawa on Wednesday night, his flair and scoring touch immediately satisfying the prerequisite hype that comes with being this year’s No. 1 draft pick. After showing well at the World Cup, he’s wasted no time becoming extremely relevant.

Also, burying the lede a bit, Matthews is now the first NHL player to ever score four goals in his first game.

As of this writing, Matthews had not scored in the third period, which was tied 4–4.

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