Jonathan Toews shared his thoughts on withdrawing from the Paris Accord.

By Chris Chavez
June 03, 2017

Chicago Blackhawks star Jonathan Toews called for greater environmental protection on his Instagram on Friday night.

His post comes just days after President Trump decided to pull out of the Paris climate-change agreement.

"Do you believe in climate change?" Toews wrote. "Whether you're super pumped that we are putting 'Americans first' or you are absolutely outraged at the idea that we are taking yet another step backwards in dealing with a major global problem, the only way to solve this argument is to try and set your own agenda aside and see how this affects everybody. The only lie we tell ourselves is that we are more special than other life forms on the planet. Well, we're not. Even if we weren't responsible for any major climate catastrophes heading our way, shouldn't we still do our part to preserve what we have left? The same way that we shouldn't wait till our bodies break down completely to start doing the right things to stay healthy, let's not wait till it's too late to do something. I am not saying I am perfectly 'green', but the first step is to keep an open mind and try to learn what you don't already know."

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Toews has used his social media channels for other fundraising and community purposes in recent months.

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