Here are the teams that have won the most Stanley Cups in NHL history. 

By Connor Grossman
June 08, 2017

The Blackhawks, Penguins and Kings have dominated the NHL in recent years, but which team has won the most Stanley Cups in league history?

Despite not winning the trophy in two decades, the Montreal Canadiens still lead all NHL teams in Stanley Cups—by a long shot. 

No team is within single digits of the Habs, whose championship total can only be compared to the Yankees and their 27 championships. Behind the Canadiens are the Maple Leafs, whose title drought entered its fifth decade this year. The Red Wings are the only other team with double-digit Stanley Cups, with their 11th and most recent coming in 2008. 

The Predators are currently vying for their first-ever title while the Penguins are going for Stanley Cup No. 5. Here’s a look at the NHL teams with five or more championships.

Most Stanley Cups won

Canadiens – 23 (most recently in 1993)

Maple Leafs – 13 (most recently in 1967)

Red Wings – 11 (most recently in 2009)

Bruins – 6 (most recently in 2011)

Oilers – 5 (most recently in 1990)

Blackhawks – 5 (most recently in 2013)