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Tyler Seguin Finally Beat Mark Scheifele in Rock, Paper, Scissors

The latest chapter in the Seguin-Scheifele rock-paper-scissors rivalry was historic. 

It took three tries, but Tyler Seguin can finally say he’s a winner.

The Dallas Stars forward finally—finally!—bested Jets winger Mark Scheifele in their ongoing rock-paper-scissors matchup on Monday night in Dallas. 

In what started as a way to determine who got to stay on the ice last during pregame warmups, it’s become a must-see side-game when the Jets and Stars face off. 

The crowd at the American Airlines Center definitely got into it, giving the hometown hero Seguin a rousing cheer as he finally got one of the board in this burgeoning rivalry.

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A breakdown of their series to date:

10/27/16: Scheifele def. Seguin (Scissors over paper)
2/15/17: Draw (Seguin deception)
11/2/17: Scheifele def. Seguin (Paper over rock)
11/6/17: Seguin def. Scheifele (Rock def. scissors)

Maybe it's time for Scheifele to find a new strategy.