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The Story Behind Jeremy Roenick's First NHL Goal is Ridiculous

The backstory of Jeremy Roenick's first NHL goal could be a movie script.

The NHL on NBC crew shared their First NHL Goal stories on Wednesday, and Jeremy Roenick’s tale is a pretty incredible one. 

It starts with getting the call up to the big leagues from juniors in Quebec for his fifth career NHL game with the Chicago Blackhawks, and it involves racing against the clock, getting into a car accident, being stranded in Toronto due to a snow storm, missing game-day practice and not even having a name on his jersey.

Oh, and he hadn’t skated in over a month at that point.

Roenick would go on to score 512 more goals in a 20-year NHL career playing with the Blackhawks, Coyotes, Flyers, Kings and Sharks.

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Co-analyst Keith Jones then had the pleasure of following up a first goal story that involved police and airplanes, but at least he had his name on the back of his Capitals jersey for it.