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Golden Knights, U.S. Army End Trademark Dispute, Enter Coexistence Agreement

Vegas Golden Kights franchise and U.S. Army reach 'coexistence' agreement in ongoing trademark dispute. 

After an ongoing legal battle between the United States Army and the Vegas Golden Knights over their name and mark, the two parties have officially entered into a "trademark coexistence agreement," Golden Knights chairman and CEO Bill Foley announced Thursday. 

"We are pleased that we have agreed to coexist regarding the use of the 'Golden Knights' mark and name," Foley said in a statement. "Our discussions with the Army were collaborative and productive throughout this entire process. We are appreciative of their efforts and commitment to reaching an amicable resolution."

In January, the Army challenged the team's usage of the name and filed a notice of opposition against Black Knight Sports and Entertainment over the use of the name “Golden Knights" as it is also the name of their parachute team. 

Per the agreement, both parties will be allowed to continue their usage of the 'Golden Knights' name. The U.S. Army will continue to use the mark, name, and variations thereof in connection with its parachute exhibition team while the hockey team will also continue to use the marks and names 'Vegas Golden Knights' and 'Golden Knights' in connection with the newest NHL expansion team.

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