LA Kings Feature Five Same-Sex Couples on Pride Night Kiss Cam

Kings players also warmed up in pride-themed jerseys ahead of last Thursday's game.
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The Los Angeles Kings held their annual Pride Night on Thursday, March 14 and honored the LGBTQ community with a number of elements throughout the entirety of their game against the Predators.

In addition to using rainbow-colored pride-themed graphics in the arena and having the players warm up in pride-themed jerseys, the Kings featured five same-sex couples on their Kiss Cam.

The Kings also honored a member of the marine corps in a same-sex relationship as their "Hero of the Game" and had the LGBTQ West Coast Singers perform the National Anthem before the game.

Kings senior director of game presentation and events Brooklyn Boyars said that the team does receive some pushback from fans for hosting an annual Pride Night.

“We’d rather deal with that handful of fans and continue to support the LGBTQ community here in LA," Boyars told Outsports.

The Kings next play the Winnipeg Jets on Monday at 10:30 p.m. ET.

[h/t Outsports' Cyd Zeigler]