Ontario Sport Minister Apologizes to Senators Owner for Alleged Confrontation at Concert

Senators owner Eugene Melnyk said Ontario sport minister Lisa MacLeod confronted him about the state of his team at a Rolling Stones concert.
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Ontario Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport Lisa MacLeod says she apologized to Senators owner Eugene Melnyk after allegedly confronting him at a recent Rolling Stones concert.

MacLeod tweeted on Friday that she wanted to "set the record straight" over giving Melnyk some "feedback" at the concert.

"I apologized to him for being so blunt," she said. "I have serious concerns about the state of our beloved Ottawa Senators! We need to get our team back on the road to winning the cup!"

Melnyk told the Ottawa Citizen that he was at a Rolling Stones concert on Saturday when MacLeod "burst through the crowd and accosted him."

Once MacLeod reached him, she asked if he knew who she was, and he said he didn't. Melnyk said MacLeod responded by saying, "I am your minister and you're a f------ piece of sh-- and you're a f------ loser."

The Senators owner said he's never experienced an encounter like that before, even from hockey fans.

The Ottawa Citizen spoke to a person from MacLeod's staff on Thursday, but MacLeod did not provide the outlet with an account of the incident.