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Subway defends its use of Phelps


NEW YORK (AP) -- The Subway restaurant chain defended its advertising campaign with swimmer Michael Phelps against the U.S. Olympic Committee's attack on 'ambush marketing.'

The USOC issued a statement on Wednesday attacking nonofficial advertising tied to next month's Vancouver Olympics.

"Subway has a successful history of partnering with elite athletes," Subway said in a statement issued on Thursday by spokesman Robert Bronfeld. "Regarding our latest commercial featuring Michael Phelps, Subway does not share the USOC's perspective and the conclusions being drawn from it."

Subway is not an official sponsor of the Olympics but has worked with Phelps and pledged to keep using him in its ads.

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"Michael Phelps has been an integral part of several Subway marketing campaigns since late 2008," the company statement said. "We are proud of our work with Michael and we look forward to working with him and other elite athletes throughout 2010 and beyond."