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Report: 14 Olympics Participants Lose Credentials for COVID-19 Rules Violations

The credentials of 14 participants in the Tokyo Games have reportedly been revoked due to COVID-19 rules violations, according to Rachel Axon of USA Today.

Games CEO Toshiro Muto said Sunday that of the 14 people, six had their credentials removed, while another eight had theirs suspended temporarily. An additional 10 cases of "strict warning incidents” have been reported, as well as four signed pledges on top of those warnings.

The actions come as a result of individuals not obeying the rules outlined in the Games's COVID-19 playbooks, which all participants are required to adhere to.

“These incidents will affect the reputation of the majority of Games’ stakeholders who are adhering to the rules,” Muto said. “In order for the Games to be successful, we need all the stakeholders and participants to adhere to the rules.”

Among those who have been disciplined, two judoka medalists from Georgia have been expelled.

Olympians were placed under strict COVID-19 guidelines coming into the Games. In addition to routine testing, competitors live under a "bubble" environment, which requires them to wear masks at all times. Athletes are not allowed to take public transportation and can only leave accommodations to travel to Olympic venues.

The Tokyo Games reported 18 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday, per Axon. As COVID-19 rates rise throughout Tokyo, Games organizers echo the position held by Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike that the spike is not connected to the Olympics.

“The Tokyo Games itself, the number of infections is suppressed. But on the other hand, outside of the Games, the number of infection cases are increasing,” Muto said. “How to analyze this, there are various different opinions. We are in line with their views. We take the same position.”

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