Manchester City will pay all of Frank Lampard's salary during his loan with the English club. Earlier, Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger questioned whether Manchester City is violating Financial Fair Play rules after it acquired Lampard on loan from its MLS team.

By SI Wire
August 04, 2014

Manchester City will pay all of Frank Lampard's salary during his loan with the English club, BBC Sport reports.

On Sunday, Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger questioned whether Manchester City is violating Financial Fair Play rules after the club acquired Lampard on loan from its MLS team, The Guardian's Amy Lawrence reports.

Last week it was announced Lampard, who signed with New York City FC in July, will join Manchester City before NYCFC starts its inaugural MLS season in March 2015. Manchester City owns NYCFC in a partnership with the New York Yankees.

Wenger discussed the fairness of Manchester City's strategy on Sunday following Arsenal's 1-0 defeat to Monaco in the Emirates Cup. From The Guardian

"I heard they want to buy five clubs all around the world. I don’t know the rules well enough. They bought the franchise for $100m [£59.4m] in the States to play next season and at the moment the players they sign cannot play until next year. They will register in the clubs where they will put them and they can get out on loan. Is it a way to get around the fair play?” he pondered. “I don’t know.”

Last week Manchester City said it might send young players to NYCFC for additional development.

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- Paul Palladino and Sarah Barshop

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