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By Alexander Abnos
February 21, 2015

Chelsea's 1-1 draw with Burnley on Saturday came with a fair bit of controversy, and as a result Jose Mourinho delivered yet another post-match press conference for the ages

Asked by the pool television interviewer if he thought Nemanja Matic's 70th-minute red card turned the game in favor of Burnley (which evened the scores in the 80th minute), Mourinho took an unusual (and kind of brilliant) route to outline his complaints about the game:  

Mourinho: There are four moments of the game where you can write the story of the game. Minute 30, minute 33, minute 43, and minute 69. I repeat for you, I make it easy for you: minute 30,  33, 43, and 69. The game had four moments, and don't ask me more questions because I don't answer.

Interviewer: Well, can you talk us through the moments individually? 

Mourinho: No, no, no, I can't. 

After a brief aside, the interviewer again implored Mourinho to describe the incidents in question: 

Mourinho: I can not describe, because to describe I'd have to use words that I can not use, and it's better we finish here. 

Interviewer: Are you referring to the penalty appeals? 

Mourinho: No, I am referring to nothing. you do what you want to do, speak what you want to speak, you are not punished by that. I am, and I don't want to look silly in front of you, but I have to repeat: 30, 33, 43, and 69. Sorry. 

Interviewer: Will you tell us about the Matic sending off? 

Mourinho: [short pause] It was in minute 69. 

Leaving aside the question of whether or not referring to specific incidents in this matter will be enough to keep him out of trouble in the eyes of the Premier League, a quick look at the moments Mourinho describes should ideally make it abundantly clear what his issue was.

So, alright Mourinho, I'll play your game. Here are the incidents I think Mourinho refers to (the minute counts he provided may not be 100% on the money):

Minute 30:  

This is certainly a reference to Barnes' reckless foul on Branislav Ivanovic, for which no yellow card was issued: 

Minute 33:

This was a straight-up missed call, as Chelsea was denied a penalty kick after an Ivanovic shot from outside the box was clearly blocked by the arm of Michael Kightly.


Minute 43: 

Though it actually happened in the 44th minute, Mourinho is almost certainly talking about the penalty not given to Diego Costa after this interchange.


Additional commentary on this one by Mourinho might actually be useless -- his immediate reaction says it all. 

Minute 69: 

Well, this one's obvious. Another reckless challenge by, you guessed it, Ashley Barnes. Nemanja Matic took it none too kindly, reacted rashly, and was sent off for his (probably justified) anger. 


There you have it folks: The story of Chelsea's 1-1 draw with Burnley, according to Mourinho.

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