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Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona harshly criticized FIFA and the governing body's president, Sepp Blatter, in a column published Sunday in The Telegraph.

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May 25, 2015

Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona harshly criticized FIFA and the governing body's president, Sepp Blatter, in a column published Sunday in The Telegraph.

Maradona writes that FIFA has become a "playground for the corrupt" and that there is a "sick admiration for Blatter much like that accorded to an old Mafia boss who has somehow managed to stay out of jail."

Maradona argues that Blatter should not be supported in his bid to be elected for a fifth four-year term. The only other candidate is FIFA vice president Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan.

From Maradona's column:

If leadership matters, then no national football association could, in good conscience, support Blatter for a fifth term. He is incompetent. When you are knee deep in massive financial losses and bribes and notice nothing, you are a fool or a thief.

All these corruption investigations are bleeding the life out of Fifa, and international football is drowning in a sea of contempt. Few sports in history have suffered the bad press football has faced in recent years and much of that press is owed to Blatter.

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Maradona played for the Argentine national team for nearly two decades and scored the famous "Hand of God" goal at the 1986 World Cup. He also coached the team from 2008–10.



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