Neymar Jr./Facebook

Neymar teased what's to come in his musical career. Let's just say his talent behind the piano does not match his skills on the field.

By Extra Mustard
September 14, 2016

Neymar spent some of the summer hanging out with Justin Bieber, and while he may have adapted his hair style, he most certainly did not glean much of his musical talent.

Neymar promised his first album would be dropping soon, and he offered an ear-scorching tease of his first single on his Facebook page on Wednesday. Sitting down at the piano with facepalming associate Gil beside him, Neymar proceeded to belt out a ballad titled "Yo Necesito." 

While it takes some massive pelotas for Neymar to put himself out there in such a public manner, and we don't look down on anyone striving to achieve his or her dreams, this is one occasion where it's O.K. to respond with a hearty "Stick to soccer!"

At the very least, Neymar's on-field game needs no tweaking. After leading Brazil to gold at the Olympics and to a pair of crucial wins in World Cup qualifying, he tallied four assists to kick off Barcelona's Champions League campaign in a 7-0 win over Celtic on Tuesday.

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