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With Friday and Saturday of wild-card weekend in the books, Conor and Gary dive into what went down. Which included Dak Prescott, a second too late. Yes, a discussion of the buffoonish inefficiency of the Cowboys’ final play selection, as well as the performance of one team that wasn’t prepared and another that seemed uninterested in closing them out.

Then, the Bucs outclass the Eagles in a bitter end for Philly’s season, as Tom Brady continues to be often unstoppable and incredibly boring to watch. In the AFC, the Chiefs and Steelers square off in a game that never should have been played, but the football gods make up for it by sending Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen to play head-to-head next weekend. Plus, a trip back to Saturday night and how the Bills put together a flawless game against the Patriots, and the absurd goodness of Joe Burrow and the future of the Carr-Bisaccia Raiders.

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