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After taking about 40 minutes to compose themselves, Conor and Gary eventually get to the quartet of mind-melting games we just witnessed this weekend.

First, the spectacular display in Kansas City between the Chiefs and Bills, and what the Mahomes-Josh Allen rivalry means for the near- to medium-future of the NFL. On Buffalo’s late-game inefficiencies, but also how the two quarterbacks and Tyreek Hill time and time again did the impossible.

Then, the Rams’ near-meltdown and how they, ultimately, outclassed the Bucs, plus whether Tom Brady should come back for another run. The incredible special teams meltdown in Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers’s disappointing performance, and the Deebo Samuel show. Finally, why Mike Vrabel is right to be grumpy, why the Bengals were lucky to escape Nashville, the episode of Bones where they find a bone, and much more!

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