March 19, 2015

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) A Formula One race in Germany this year looks increasingly unlikely as neither of the country's two circuits have been able to make a deal with series promoter Bernie Ecclestone.

Nuerburgring circuit spokmesman Pietro Nuvolini said Tuesday that there was still no agreement with Ecclestone. The Hockenheim circuit said earlier this week that the facility would be unable to organize the race within the time remaining.

''We have come to the conclusion that it makes no sense now to wait any longer, because of timing, organizational and economic reasons,'' Nuvolini said.

The German Grand Prix provisionally has been set for July 19. With the two circuits alternating annually, Nuerburgring was scheduled to stage the race. But because it has financial problems, Hockenheim was considered instead.

Nuvoloni said the circuit was making the July 19 date available to another event.

Nuerburgring has been negotiating with Ecclestone to take a cut in his fee for staging the race. The fee is reportedly $15 million.

The German race has been losing spectators steadily since the days of seven-time champion Michael Schumacher, even though Germany is home to Mercedes, the car maker behind the top team last season, and driver Nico Rosberg. Four-time champion Sebastian Vettel, who now drives for Ferrari, is also German.

Georg Seiler, managing director of the Hockenheim circuit, told Bild newspaper earlier this week that ''we have no more hope that Formula One will take place here.''

''Time has expired for organizing a race here,'' Seiler said. ''The quality of the event would have suffered.''

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