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Charlie Whitehurst Prepared To Start For Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks haven't formally settled on a starting quarterback for this Sunday's tilt against the Cleveland Browns, but Sehawks coaches and players are comfortable with backup Charlie Whitehurst if injured starter Tarvaris Jackson (shoulder) can't go, according to a report from Clare Farnsworth on team site

Farnsworth quotes multiple coaches and players expressing their confidence in Whitehurst, including fullback (and former collegiate quarterback) Michael Robinson:

“If you’re not out there a lot, it’s hard to get a feel for what you’re comfortable with,” Robinson said. “And Charlie did a great job, man. It was very impressive.

“But that’s a tribute to his attention to detail and how much he pays attention during the week. The guy is always on it. He’s always making his calls. When T-Jack is doing his thing in practice, Charlie’s back there making his calls, doing his thing, acting like he’s the guy running the offense. So Charlie practices every day like he’s the guy.”

It's not unexpected for teammates and team websites to heap praise on a spot starter, but Whitehurst's relief performance in Seattle's 36-25 upset over the New York Giants last week -- 11-of-19 for 149 yards and 1 touchdown -- makes this seem much less like idle praise.

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