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Fantasy Football Analysts Believe Tim Tebow Will Deliver For The Broncos

A lot of people doubt that Tim Tebow can succeed as an NFL quarterback. Pundits question his throwing motion, his ability to read NFL defenses, even if his devout religious beliefs are a distraction to his team.

But there's one group of people currently demonstrating a bit more faith in the newly-minted Denver Broncos starter: fantasy football analysts.

The latest to jump onboard is Michael Fabiano, of and the NFL Network:!/Michael_Fabiano/statuses/127535644045082624

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But Fabiano was far from the first. Take Sam Spiegelman, of, for one example:!/samspiegs/statuses/127399290762039296

Or Evan Silva, of Rotoworld, for another:!/evansilva/status/127094149743779840