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Report: MVP Derrick Rose Is Against The NBA Salary Cap

Reigning NBA MVP Derrick Rose told reporters Tuesday that he would like to see the league get rid of the salary cap, according to ESPN.

"I wish it was back like where it was in the old days where there wasn't a cap," Rose told The Associated Press on Tuesday. "Back in the day, they were giving guys coming out of college multimillion-dollar contracts, so why stop it now? The game is growing. There's no need to stop it."

Rose, who is still under his first NBA contract, earns approximately $ 5.5 million per season due to rookie salary restrictions.

The rookie salary scale has been a topic of discussion in the ongoing labor union talks. The league has proposed a new bonus for top-performing rookies like Derrick Rose, who earn MVP or All-Star honors in the league. The players union, however, hopes to make it possible for rookies to sign bigger contracts in the league earlier in their careers. Union director Billy Hunter specifically pointed out both Derrick Rose and Blake Griffin, who are both considered underpaid for their talents due to their locked in entry-level salary figures.

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