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McNabb Says Redskins' Handling Was "Disrespectful And Disgraceful"

In a recent interview with Andrea Kremer of the NFL Network, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Donovan McNabb said that the way he was handled with the Washington Redskins was “disrespectful and disgraceful,” reports the Washington Post.

" Kremer: But even your longtime agent said the way that Shanahan handled you was “disrespectful and disgraceful.”

 McNabb: Well, I mean, it speaks for itself.

 Kremer: What are your thoughts on that?

 McNabb: Disrespectful and disgraceful.

 Kremer: What was disrespectful and disgraceful?

 McNabb: No one needs to know on the outside what’s going on in the building. None of it needs to be played out in the media. You go to practice, you have a conversation with somebody in the morning, all of the sudden later that afternoon you basically hear the whole conversation that was played out behind closed doors, that’s handled unprofessionally."

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