Tulloch Responds to "Tebowing" Fallout

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Detroit Lions defensive end Stephen Tulloch had a little fun at the expense of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow Sunday, but some are seeing his mocking gesture as more than just a simple affront to Tebow. Some have even taken the slight as a mockery of Christianity, not just the quarterback.

On Tuesday, Tulloch responded, saying the celebration was supposed to be "fun."

“The fact that anyone could ever say that I’m mocking God is outrageous,” said Tulloch. “We were just having fun. If you watch the game, the guys that parachuted into the game ‘Tebowed’ as they came down. It’s a fad. I was able to get to Tebow and sack him first, so I did it. It wasn’t out of disrespect, it was out of fun.”

The fad started after Tebow led the Broncos in a 4th quarter comeback win over the Miami Dolphins, and, in a moment of self-reflection, knelt to the ground to compose himself. Since then, the Internet has been abuzz with pictures of people "tebowing" in various locations.