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Peyton Manning Zings Phil Simms Over His Andrew Luck Statements

In a media session today Peyton Manning told reporters that his injuries, which have kept him off the field all season, are still healing. He also took a chance to take a jab at broadcaster Phil Simms, according to CBS Sports.

Simms had reportedly suggested that Stanford quarterback, and presumed future No. 1 overall pick, Andrew Luck, would not be a good fit for the Indianapolis Colts because in Simms opinion, he doesn’t have an NFL arm. The statement implied that the Colts may be looking for a future replacement for Manning.

“Yeah, I don’t talk to Phil. Phil doesn’t talk to me,” Manning told reporters in response to Simms' statements. “He did text me after that, saying ‘Hey, sorry to drag your name into this.’ I wrote back, ‘Phil I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ He said, ‘Well on my show, Inside the NFL, I made this statement.’ I said, ‘Phil, I hate to break it to you, but I don’t watch your show, along with a lot of other people that I don’t think watch that show.’ Giving himself a little more credit than probably was merited.”

As a result of his injuries, Manning has yet to take the field this season and could very possibly miss the remainder of the 2011-12 campaign. In his absence the Colts have failed to win a game, going 0-8 through the seasons’ first nine weeks. Last year, with Manning under center, the club won the AFC South division with a 10-6 record.