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Archie Manning Upset With Criticism of Eli Manning

Former NFL quarterback and father of New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning spoke out against FOX broadcasters Joe Buck and Troy Aikman on Monday, according to

“I don’t always listen to Troy and Joe,” Archie said. “They’re kind of hard on Eli. Joe’s always been really tough on Eli, and it seems this year Troy is too. But that’s OK. Sometimes I just mute them.”

On Sunday, Eli led a last-minute comeback win over the New England Patriots that saw the quarterback throw a one-yard touchdown pass to Jake Ballard with just 15 seconds left in the game.

This isn’t the first time a Manning has criticized Aikman and Buck for their analysis of Eli, according to ESPN. In 2009, Eli’s brother Peyton told NBC of a time when his brother was engineering a late drive and “Joe Buck is just ripping Eli, just because that’s what he seems to enjoy doing. So I’m yelling at Joe Buck, ‘Just call the play-by-play Joe! Let Aikman do the commentary.'”