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Sam Bradford Blames 'Lack Of Concentration' For Offensive Struggles

St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford said Wednesday that the offense's "lack of concentration" has hindered their production.

"At this point, I think to use that as an excuse or reason for our struggles, I don't think that's right," Bradford told the Associated Press. "As much as I hate to say that, I think it's a lack of concentration once we get down there. Some of the mistakes that we do make down there, there's no reason for them, and we've got to find a way to eliminate those."

The Rams managed only three field goals last Sunday in an overtime loss to the Arizona Cardinals. The output looks especially bad given the fact that St. Louis rolled up nearly 400 yards of total offense. Bradford is especially vexed by his team's lack of execution in the red zone.

"We get down there and we just continue to shoot ourselves in the foot with either penalties or negative plays that put us behind the chains and put us into bad situations," Bradford told the AP. "The sooner we can eliminate those negative plays, I think the sooner we'll finally start to see rewards."