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NBA Tweets Details Of Latest Proposal To End The Lockout

The @NBA_Labor Twitter feed is, according to its own description, "Collective Bargaining news and facts directly from the NBA office".  By definition, this means that it is a biased, one-sided source of information presented from the side of the owners, but it also means that it is able to present certain details with a high level of accuracy.

Friday, the account tweeted a number of details from the latest proposal the owners presented to the players' association -- a proposal, sources have already told, that the players are unlikely to accept.

The details tweeted by the @NBA_Labor feed -- that is, the details that the NBA wanted to be sure were well publicized -- included the following (all quoted directly from their respective tweets):

  • More mid-levels than 2005 CBA: $5M for non-taxpayers, $3M for taxpayers, $2.5M for room teams
  • More cap exceptions for teams who are not taxpayers...
  • Projected tax level ranges from $70M-$85M over next 6 years; more than enough money to keep teams together
  • New trade rules to promote more player movement
  • Projected max salaries range from $13M to $19M and growing
  • Increased minimum team salary - from 75% of cap to 90%
  • Plyr-friendly changes 4 restricted FAs: qualifying offers higher & 100% guaranteed, shorter match period 4 offer sheets
  • Ability to stretch waived player’s salary frees up more money for teams to spend on FAs
  •  Players retain full Bird rights
  • Repeat tax rates apply only when team is taxpayer 4 out of 5 yrs (not 3 out of 5)

According to the ESPN report, NBPA executive director Billy Hunter will present the new proposal to the players "possibly as soon as Monday".