Dwight Howard Thinks The Magic Should Retire Penny Hardaway's Number

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Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard believes the Magic should retire former Magic star Penny Hardaway’s number, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

“I think when the season starts – whenever that may be – he should have his jersey put up for what he did not just the team, but for the city,” Howard told reporters in a video conference. “We all know how great Penny has been for the game of basketball.”

The Magic traded Hardaway in 1999 after the team entered a rebuilding period due to new front office leadership. Since that time, Hardaway reportedly has had minimal contact with the organization.

Hardaway also offered his thoughts on re-establishing a relationship with the Magic:

“It’s always been on my mind,” Hardaway told reporters. “When you mention my name, it’s Orlando. They don’t talk about Phoenix; they don’t talk about New York. It’s Orlando. I’m in history here, so I would love to be more involved.”