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Dwyane Wade And The NBA Discuss The Lockout On Twitter

Most of the negotiations surrounding the ongoing NBA lockout have been held behind closed doors, with each side updating the media and the public after the fact. Sunday, NBA commissioner David Stern and deputy commissioner Adam Silver held a Q&A session on Twitter, ostensibly to give the fans a chance to ask questions.  But plenty of other people seized on the opportunity, including media members and, in fact, current players.

Which affords the rare opportunity to see a star player like the Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade question his league's current negotiating strategy:

"@NBA why are all your 'system solutions' only impacting the PLAYERS??" Wade wrote. "What have the owners giving up of significance??"

Stern and Silver's response was blunt:  ".@DwyaneWade The economics & system favored the players in prior CBA -- Teams lost over 300m last year"

Wade seemed unsatisfied by the response, based on his subsequent retweets of disgruntled fans.