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Analysis Indicates Jerry Sandusky Was Lying To Bob Costas

When former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, charged with 40 counts of child sexual abuse, agreed to an on-air interview with Bob Costas, questions were raised as to the wisdom of the strategy.  Sandusky's answers to Costas's pointed questions seemed unsatisfactory even to the untrained viewer.  Now, according to USA Today's Campus Rivalry blog, professional interrogation analyst Jack Trimarco, has gone over the interview and also found Sandusky lacking in credibility.

Trimarco, who has worked with the CIA and the FBI, appeared on the Dr. Phil show last week, where, according to the report, he said:

"He's disjointed in all of his answers. Now, remember, we're talking about a man (who) has been to thousands of occasions as a keynote speaker; he's smooth and he's polished….he (went) through a mental process that's 'Red alert, red alert.' He doesn't know what to say.''

initiated by Sandusky's lawyer