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NBA Stars Host Charitable "Homecoming Tour" During NBA Lockout

NBA stars LeBron James, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony are set to host a “Homecoming Tour” with no progress made in the NBA lockout, ESPN reports.

The four game tour is set to begin in James’ hometown of Akron, OH on Dec. 1. The tour will make stops in New Orleans, Chicago and New Jersey. The roster will reportedly change in each city, but the four headliners will remain constant.

"It'll be very neat," Dwyane Wade told The Associated Press. "First of all, this is something we talked about doing a long time ago as players. To have an opportunity to go to these different cities that we're from, to bring basketball to them at a high level and also have a charitable component in each city and to be with the guys, it'll be cool. It's something we're looking forward to."

The tour will benefit the charitable foundations of the four NBA star headliners. Additionally, each game will have charitable aspects such as food drives and educational outreach programs.