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DeShawn Stevenson: Billy Hunter Has Done A Horrible Job

Dallas Mavericks defensive specialist DeShawn Stevenson told Yahoo! Sports that he believes that NBA Players Association executive Director Billy Hunter has done a “horrible job.”

“I felt like we should have decertified in July,” Stevenson said. “I feel like Billy Hunter is doing a horrible job because basically now [the owners] know our hand. The media knows our hand. The owners know our hand.”

Stevenson’s comments came at Drew Gooden’s Make-A-Wish charity game. The  30-year-old shooting guard also expressed his belief that the owners have not acknowledged the concessions the players have made in negotiations for a new labor agreement thus far.

“DeShawn is entitled to his opinion,” Hunter said to Yahoo! in response. “It would be much more meaningful if he were more directly involved and would have understood what fully transpired and understood the issues. I think he’d be better informed.