By Will Yoder
December 01, 2011

Deron Williams says that despite recent reports that his agent told the New Jersey Nets that he would not sign a contract extension with the team, he still may return to the club as a free-agent following this season.

“Don’t know why people are tripping just bc I’m opting out doesn’t mean that I won’t resign (sic) with the nets! w/ new CBA it makes sense,” Williams tweeted this afternoon.

Williams, 27, stands to make more money as a free-agent this coming offseason under the new collective bargaining agreement than he could with a contract extension with New Jersey right now.

“Deron will not be signing the extension,” Jeff Schwartz, Williams’ agent told The Record this afternoon. “Based on the new rules it doesn’t make any sense for him to sign the extension. It has nothing to do with how much he likes New Jersey. Because of the rules, he’s going to play the season out and opt out of his deal.”

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