By Will Yoder
December 02, 2011

Images of players have returned to and the league’s affiliate team sites for the first time in 155 days.

When the NBA locked out the players after the previous collective bargaining agreement expired on July 1, the league also moved to remove images, video, and other likenesses of current players from their websites. As a result, there have only been images of retired players, coaches, and cheerleaders on and other team sites since the lockout began.

Images and videos were not removed from league websites during the NFL lockout because the league had negotiated its licensing deal separately from the collective bargaining agreement.

The NBA lockout lasted from July 1 until Nov. 26 when the owners and the players reached a tentative agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement. Yesterday the NBA Players Association voted to re-form after originally disbanding in order to file an anti-trust lawsuit against the league. Games are scheduled to begin Christmas day.

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