By Will Yoder
December 13, 2011

Former controversial MLB closer John Rocker admitted to steroid use when he was with the Atlanta Braves during a radio interview with Mike Silva, USA Today reports.

Rocker, who for a three-year stretch was one of the better closers in baseball, denied that the steroids helped improve his game:

"No. Can I throw 3 or 4 mph harder because of it? Yes. Was my breaking ball better because of it? No. The reason was (for taking it) with my teammates and their confidence laying on my shoulders, with the coaching staff and their confidence on my shoulders, with the millions of Atlanta Braves fans, I am not going to step on that mound with that kind of responsibility with my gun half loaded,” Rocker told Silver.

The now 37-year-old Rocker is best known for his polarizing 1999 Sports Illustrated interview in which he drew the ire of millions with his casual use of racial slurs, and general negative view toward other people. Rocker also said in his appearance with Silver that he wished he hadn’t said some of the things he had in the now infamous interview.

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