Tim Tebow Told Bears CB Charles Tillman His Interception Was "Lucky"

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Tim Tebow told Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman he was “lucky” after he intercepted Tebow’s pass in the narrow Broncos victory this past Sunday, NBC Sports reports.

Tebow was wearing a microphone during the game and NFL Network aired the clip of Tebow telling Tillman, “You’re lucky. You’re lucky to get one.” Tillman then asked Tebow, “What did you say?” Tebow responded, “I said you’re lucky, man.” He continued, “Lucky, lucky. You know that, too, man.”

After the game, however, Tebow told reporters:

“That interception Charles Tillman had was a great play — you know, bad decision on my part, which I can’t have, and got to improve,” Tebow said. “But that was a great play.”