By Evans Clinchy
December 28, 2011

The polling giant Gallup released its list of the "Most Admired" men and women in America today, and unsurprisingly, President Barack Obama topped the list again in 2011. Other notable names in the mix this year included George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, the Pope, and... wait a second. Is that Tim Tebow?

Apparently so. Tebow finished "only a vote or two" outside the top 10 this year, according to USA Today. Behind the Denver Broncos' polarizing quarterback was none other than the Dalai Lama.

Tebow won seven of his first eight games as a starter this season, leading the Broncos from the brink of death back into contention for the AFC playoffs. He's drawn the adoration of millions, the hatred of millions more, and endless debate in the media throughout his whirlwind season at the helm in Denver.

But more admiration than the Dalai Lama? That's lofty.

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