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Doc Rivers: The Boston Celtics Are Rajon Rondo's Team

Rajon Rondo may not be thought of as one of Boston’s “Big Three,” but head coach Doc Rivers told CSN New England that he considers the Celtics Rondo’s team.

"This is his team right now," Rivers said. "Rondo's just playing terrific. And we've got to allow him to be terrific. We shouldn't get in his way."

Kevin Garnett, who is often considered by many to be the emotional leader of the Celtics, echoed Rivers’ comments.

"Rajon is amazing, period," said Kevin Garnett. "You talk about big things are coming; big things are here. Rajon is keeping us alive every night. We just have to make sure we follow his lead, and follow his effort, and we're going to turn this thing around."

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