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Ravens QB Joe Flacco Responds To Ed Reed’s Criticism

Ravens Quarterback Joe Flacco responded to Ed Reed’s comments to SiriusXM NFL Radio on Flacco’s “rattled” play in the win against the Houston Texans last Sunday, according to USA Today.

"I said, 'Yo, bro, what are you doing to me? I mean I already take enough, and now you gotta come out and say this.' You never know what context it was said in -- you know, live -- and you never know what he was really thinking in his mind about what he meant by it.” Flacco told NFL Network's NFL Total Access on Wednesday .

“ [Reed] kinda laughed about it and wanted to give me a hug and all that,” Flacco said, asserting that there was no rift in the locker room. “Like I said, you never know what he was actually thinking and stuff like that when he answered the question. It didn't sound good, it's not a big deal."

In the Ravens’ opening playoff game last weekend, Flacco completed 14 of 27 passes for 176 yards and was sacked five times in a 20-13 win over the Texans.

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