By Will Yoder
January 26, 2012

Star players have expressed their desire for the NFL to keep the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

“It takes away from the game when it’s somewhere else,” said Miami Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall. “It’s always a privilege. It’s always an honor to be selected to a Pro Bowl. But this is what the Pro Bowl is about — paradise. So it would (stink) definitely if we no longer come out here.”

It was reported that some players would refuse to participate if the Pro Bowl is moved from Hawaii. “That’s a lot of the players’ attitude, I think. If it’s in an NFL city, you’re in those cities quite often,” Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen said.

In 2010, the game was played in Miami, ending a 30-year streak of playing in the islands.  After this Sunday’s game, NFL officials will have to negotiate a deal with Hawaiian officials in order to keep the game there.

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