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Bulls PF Carlos Boozer's Son Cheered For Heat

During the fourth quarter in Sunday night’s game against the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls power forward Carlos Boozer’s son was captured by television cameras cheering for his dad’s opponent, according to CBS Sports.

During a game break in the fourth quarter, ABC broadcasted a featured story on Boozer’s son who has against all odds recovered from sickle-cell anemia.  Immediately after the feature, the camera focused in on Boozer’s son, who was seen cheering for his father’s opponents, chanting, “Let’s Go Heat!”

Former NBA coach and ABC commentator Jeff Van Gundy reacted to Boozer’s son cheering saying over the broadcast, “If my kid is yelling ‘Let’s Go Heat’ like we just saw, I’ve got a problem…You can’t go against pop’s team…We would have a long talk.”

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