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Michael Irvin: Horseshoe Meant Nothing Without Manning

In response to Colts owner Jim Irsay’s comment of the ‘horseshoe’ coming before any one individual including Peyton Manning, former Dallas Cowboy Pro Bowl Receiver and NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin strongly opposed Irsay stating that the horseshoe wouldn’t be what it is without Manning, according to the USA Today.

"The horseshoe is first? The horseshoe is nothing before Peyton got here. You could've taken that horseshoe, and you couldn't have given it away. It wasn't lucky, it was killing you," said Irvin. "This horseshoe was garbage without Peyton -- it was garbage when [before] he got here and garbage when he left here this season."

The horseshoe is a reference to the team’s logo. Irsay was trying to imply in his statements that the team comes first, even before a legendary figure like Peyton Manning.

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