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Jay-Z Imitates Alabama Student’s Face

Internet sensation and University of Alabama student Jack Blankenship, best known for the huge cardboard cutout of his face which he sports at Alabama home basketball games, told Mashable that music superstars Jay-Z and Beyonce recognized him at the New Jersey Nets game Monday night.

The famous couple reportedly imitated Blankenship’s now famous comical expression.

“I waved at them for the longest time (at the game) and did the face at them too,” Blankenship told Mashable on Tuesday. “Finally, I captured their attention. Beyonce laughed and did ‘The Face!’ Soon after, Jay-Z did too!”

Blankenship’s giant cardboard cutout of himself sporting a funny face was first spotted on Feb.4 when Alabama faced Ole Miss on ESPN2.  When the cameras focused in on him displaying the giant cutout, used to distract the opposing team, the video clip garnered over million views on YouTube.